Quality assurance

The quality control of products and processes plays a key role from the beginning of production activity od DONGHEE Slovakia, s.r.o.

We are focused to constant improving of the products quality and want to increase customer satisfaction, which is rime for us. To achieve that; following objectives were set:

  • ensuring the quality of our products and processes
  • the creation of stable conditions for the smooth functioning of the process,
  • minimizing the losses associated with the occurrence of mismatched pieces at the customer
  • an appropriate system for handling and storage,
  • optimization of processes.

With increasing of demands on quality control, growth of production and expanses to new markets as well; the requirements for laboratory testing were also increased .
In 2010, in cooperation with the parent company DONGHEE Industrial, CO. Ltd. we purchased a new modern technology; for improving of better quality monitoring and quality guarantee for our portfolio


Laboratory subject

  • Testing
    • Mechanical tests
    • Surface protection wear testing
    • Special tests (leak testing, fuel level, vacuum test...)
  • Metallographic specimen preparation
  • Gauges and indicators responsibility

Test methods

  • Capillary penetration leak testing
  • Destructive material and technology tests
  • Salt spray testing (corrosion resistance testing)
  • Paint adhesion testing

Not only advanced technology but also the instruments contribute to the quality of the products. In this framework, the accuracy of the meters verified by accredited external companies is intended on a regular basis.

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