Environmental policy

Our company perceive the responsibility for environment. All activities are therefore managed in accordance with environmental legal requirements and voluntary commitments. With environmental pre oriented actions participates DONGHEE Slovakia on preservation of natural heritage for next generations. 

The basis of success in improving the environment state inheres in the mutual cooperation of all employees, in support of management , as well as in collaboration with external stakeholders. 

In connection with implementation of environmental management system in the year 2011 company Donghee Slovakia,s.r.o. accepted own environmental policy, which consist of following principles:

  • reduce negative impacts all of ours activities and products on environment by creation of suitable conditions for working activities
  • effective using of natural resources which come in to the activities of our company
  • in area of living and working environment fulfill obligations resulting from law and from optional company’s commitments
  • by preventive actions decrease probability of extraordinary occurrences with negative impacts to living and working environment
  • increase environmental awareness and responsibility of employees by methodical specialized training, education and motivation
  • provide sustainable improvement of company behavior in area of environment through acceptance of environment objectives and programs
  • communicate with employees, with state authorities, local government and public about issues related to environment protection and create conditions for mutual confidence and cooperation

All company employees follow these rules in full range by along all actions. 

Management commit oneself to provide necessary sources for fulfilling this obligation. 

Jeongwon Kim
Signature of Mr. prezident
enviroment policy
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