DONGHEE, established in 1972 as DONGSEUNG Co., Ltd. to produce and supply bumper and pedal, has constantly concentrated its energy on development of mass production technology and quality improvement. As the result, we were able to build a trusted relationship with our customer, Hyundai Motors Co., Ltd. In 1986, DONGHEE Industrial Co., Ltd. was established, which received the production line and technology transfer from Hyundai and secured the production system comprising press, welding, painting and assembly lines.
Since 1987, DONGHEE established a joint venture called Webasto DONGHEE with Webasto Group in Germany to localize the sunroof product. At its early stage, we faced a difficulty since the demand for sunroof product was low. However, we were able to improve both of its functionality and design as the gradually increasing trend of premium interior culture.
Beginning with Sonata of Hyundai Motors in 1995, we successfully developed the module compliant with the regulations against vehicle evaporative gas of many countries in the world, which provided the momentum to launch our products to the global market. In recent, we are applying polymer plastic as well as steel to production as a part of material diversification efforts.

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