Donghee Slovakia s.r.o. actively participates and supports its employees in their professional growth through educational activities. Our employees have the opportunity to improve acquired skills and qualifications the already have, and extend their knowledge range also in other areas. 

We emphasize, that each employee should had the proper qualification in his work field:

  • Education of new employees with help of multi level adaptation plan
  • On site education
  • Vocational education for unique working position
  • Fork lift and crane operator training; welders license
  • Law based mandatory regular trainings
  • Support of further employees education according to company and individual needs
  • Vocational courses
  • Language courses

2012 the training project „Managing and leading“ for improving of communication, cooperation, stress resistance and self-control of managing employees has been started. Donhgee plans, according to positive influence on working environment, to continue with this training also in year 2013. 

Our employees also participate on educational activities and education program organized by Kia Motors Slovakia s.r.o. for their suppliers, in the framework of the improvement of communication, cooperation and employee performance.

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